Take a look at all the information about last year’s National Burn Awareness Day here.

Social Media played an enormous part in spreading awareness of the day.  Take a look at the analysis of our Website, Facebook and Twitter activity for last year’s National Burn Awareness Day. #beburnsaware

National Burn Awareness Day

National Burn Awareness Photo

18th October 2017

Prevention and good first aid are key to reducing the number of burns and scalds occurring each year, especially in children and the elderly.

Children’s Burns Trust works alongside the British Burn Association to raise awareness and grow the momentum each year, reaching an even wider audience in support of National Burn Awareness Day. Each year we produce a toolkit to help you raise awareness of the day, you can register to receive the 2017 Toolkit here.

We invite you to set up an awareness activity on 18th October 2017 and to publicise it in your community.  The cumulative impact of targeted activities taking place across the country will, it is hoped :

  • Help to raise awareness of the shocking number of people burned each and every day – the vast majority of which are preventable
  • Promote good first aid

The importance and reach of National Burn Awareness Day has grown year-on-year.  Hospitals, Burns Services, Community Health, Fire & Rescue Services around the country are among the many organisations that hold awareness raising events.  They also participate in national and local media interviews.  In 2016 Electrical Safety First helped promote the day, highlighting the number of burns caused by hair straighteners.

If you would like more information or register to receive a copy of our toolkit please email us.

More information on the literature that we produce can be found in our Prevention pages.