Burn Survivor Crystal tells her story  

Following Crystal’s accident involving naked candles a couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD].

‘I had third degree burns across my stomach, up my left upper arm and the front of my shoulder,’ explained Crystal, from Southampton. ‘There are no words that can describe how painful it was.’

Crystal was placed on the CAMHS cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) waiting list, but it took over a year to receive any support. It’s because of what Crystal went through that she now wants to help other people who have gone through a burn injury, disfigurement, trauma or are suffering from poor mental health.

Symbolism really helped Crystal during her recovery and gave her strength, a ladybird was one of the symbols that helped Crystal focus on the good times ahead. That’s why on National Burn Awareness Day 2018 she dressed up as a ladybird to raise money for the Children’s Burns Trust.

Since her accident Crystal has used her passion for acting, performing and singing to keep her focused on her future and have something to work towards. She has been a huge advocate for positive body image and mental health and has created a short film on recovery with the organisation Fixers, called: ‘Road to Recovery: Surviving Trauma’. Fixers are young people using their past to fix the future. They are motivated by personal experience to make a positive change for themselves and those around them.

You can also view the film on the Fixers website and read more about Crystal’s story here: http://www.fixers.org.uk/news/17646-11208/surviving-trauma.php.

‘Trauma changed me in a way, where for a time, I felt so broken and so lost, that I am now fighting to help others not feel the same. It would mean the world to me if this film could help other people see themselves as survivors instead of victims.’

Thank you to Crystal for sharing her story and inspiring film.

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