“The time scale for post burn injury rehabilitation is long and not infrequently requires a relationship between the care team and burn survivor of many years. The current provision of rehabilitation following severe injury remains, sadly, wholly inadequate” Ken Dunn BSc FRCS plast,
Burns and Plastic Surgery Consultant, UHSM, Manchester

“It gave me special time to come more to terms with what has happened in a very supported and caring environment.”
Feedback from a parent who attended a Family Weekend in 2019

“She gained so much confidence with showing her scars.  She went swimming without wearing her leggings.”

Feedback from a parent whose daughter attended a Family Weekend.


Burn injured child

We are a national charity dedicated to providing rehabilitation support for burned and scald injured children and their families, as well as prevention and awareness campaigns for which there is little or no national funding.

We make a positive difference in three ways:

  • Raising awareness of burns and scalds to children with PREVENTION campaigns;
  • Working with NHS professionals to provide direct help and funding for REHABILITATION;
  • Giving direct financial SUPPORT to families and hospitals, providing advice on how to access burn related information.

Why does the UK need a charity like ours?

A burn injury is for life. Being burned or scalded as a child means years of painful treatment and in the worst cases hundreds of operations to release the scar tissue as they grow. The psychological impact of a burn injury is also immense, particularly when burn survivors reach their teenage years and have to cope with self image and self confidence issues. We are the only UK children’s charity working nationally who are devoted solely to these areas.

The National Burn Care Standards (an NHS body that includes representation from the four regional Burn Care Networks for England and Wales) say that the burns service should have a network of support groups where patients and their families can mix with others who have similar concerns and that a children’s support group should be available where a burn or scald injured child can interact with other children with burn injuries and receive peer support.

The NHS provides good emergency care for burn and scald accidents but the post trauma or follow up care including equipment is significantly under-funded.

Our charity is the only national charity dedicated to help NHS staff to restore the child to their pre-injury condition and potential in terms of aesthetic, function and intellect and the provision of equipment is as an important element in their on-going recovery.

You can be part of what we do. We need your support to continue this vital work, and of course, we need your money. But it’s not just a one-way street. By making a donation you will be helping the lives of hundreds of children. And in return, you will have something to smile about, and every reason to feel as proud of your contribution as we are.


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