A Burn Injury is for Life, but so is a Smile!

We are proud to highlight the inspiring stories of these Burn Survivors with our ‘A Burn Injury is for Life, but so is a Smile’ campaign.

Rosie-May - 4 years old

Rosie-May was 4 years old she was burned when a multi-shot firework hit her in the neck and her coat caught on fire.

Arthur - 2 years old

Arthur was just 2 years 9 months old he was severely burned by a cup of coffee, leaving him with devastating injuries.

Damien - 8 months old

Damien was just 8 months old when he was burned by a kettle spill. He spent 3 – 4 months in hospital and had to undergo operations until he was 14 years old.

India - 3 years old

When India was three years old, her party dress caught on fire, causing her to be rushed to hospital with 40% third degree burns. She stayed in ICU for three months.

Amanda Redman - 16 months

As a child Amanda Redman MBE was burned across her whole body following an accident with a pot of boiling soup. From personal experience, Amanda knows the impact a burn injury can have on a child and their family.

Pauline - 7 years old

Pauline, who at the age of seven suffered a life changing burn injury in 1954 after she got hold of a firework, which had been hidden inside the family’s piano for the forthcoming Guy Fawkes’ celebrations, and lit it at an unguarded fireplace in her living room.

Tilly - 18 months

Tilly was burned at just 18 months old when she pulled a kettle of freshly boiled water over herself, sustaining 33% burns to her body. Tilly initially spent two months in hospital following the incident.

Saff - 4 years old

Saff was 4 years old when she was burned by a gas fire, she spent 3 months in hospital and has had 30+ operations since the accident occured.

Perry - 13 years old

Perry Burns was 13 years old when he was involved in an airplane accident which led to life changing injuries.

Crystal - 15 years old

Following an accident with candles at the age of 15, Crystal was diagnosed with PTSD.