Our inspiring Ambassadors help us to highlight the shocking number of burns and scalds which are happening to children everyday, they also work with us to support Burn Survivors and their families. Some of our Ambassadors are Burn Survivors themselves, others are parents who have experienced the terrible impact a burn injury has on a child. We thank them all for their wonderful support.


Tilly is a Burn Survivor, she was burned at just 18 months old when she pulled a kettle of freshly boiled water over herself, sustaining 33% burns to her body. Tilly initially spent two months in hospital following the incident.


Perry Burns was 13 years old when he was involved in an aeroplane accident which led to life changing injuries. Today he runs a successful business and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren


Ellie is mum to Burn Survivor Rosie-May. “My little 4-year-old Rosie-May got hit by a firework that had gone astray. The fear on her face and the other children will stay with me forever”.


Laura is mum to Burn Survivor Arthur who was severely burned at just 2 years 9 month by a hot drink. Laura is determined to raise awareness about how easily these accidents can happen.

Saffron Cohen

Saffron is a burn survivor. She was burned at the age of 4 by a gas fire. Saffron regularly volunteers at Burn Camps for children, working with and inspiring other burn survivors.

Krissie Stiles

Krissie is a specialist nurse in burns and plastic surgery. Krissie is an advocate for pre-hospital burn care, burn prevention, education and first aid, and has authored clinical professional guidelines, an educational Burns Game ( and a children’s book on the subject.

Crystal Turner-Brightman

Crystal is a burns survivor. She was burned at age 15 by tea light candles and got diagnosed with PTSD. Crystal is a passionate activist and campaigns for issues such burns injuries, mental health and body image. She uses her passion for the performing arts to fundraiser and raise awareness for important causes.


Chelsea is mum to burn survivor Riley who was severely burnt at 4 years old by a house fire caused by candles. I am very determained to help others try and prevent these accidents happening and actually raise awareness by how easily these accidents can hapen. You never think it will happen to you- until it does. I was diagnosed with PTSD and want to be able to help people in a similar situation.


India is a burns survivor. She was three years old when her party dress caught on fire and she sustained 40% third degree burns.  India says ‘my scars make me unique, my accident made me resilient and my experiences from them have taught me empathy and provided the opportunity to meet other incredible survivors, and get involved in amazing charities like the Children’s Burns Trust’.