“She has changed from being terrified of anything associated with water to enjoying it. I would recommend this type of treatment to any baby/toddler who has gone through what our granddaughter has – your donation is greatly appreciated”

“I feel it is a privilege to have this time to help our families through the burn, to build their confidence for the future.”

Feedback from a staff member who attended a Family Weekend.

“It gave me special time to come more to terms with what has happened in a very supported and caring environment.”
Feedback from a parent who attended a Family Weekend.



The National Burn Care Standards say that the burns services should have a network of support groups where patients and their families can mix with others with similar concerns and that a children’s support group should be available where they can interact with other children with burn injuries and receive peer support.

A burn injury is for life. The scars are physical as well as psychological and can present life long challenges. It is our aim to make those challenges easier to bear and to help children and young people to grow up and lead as happy and healthy a life as possible.

The NHS provides good emergency care for burn and scald accidents but the post trauma or follow up care is significantly under funded. Our charity is the only national charity dedicated to help NHS staff to restore the individual to their pre-injury condition and potential in terms of aesthetic, function and intellect.

Rehabilitation encompasses everything from post-op medical equipment to residential family therapy weekends; wheelchairs to Nintendo Wiis; physiotherapy and occupational therapy to fun-filled activity weekends. Rehabilitation is long-term, and so is our commitment to providing families with all the specialist professional and pastoral help and support they need.

Rehabilitation to us is supporting programmes designed by the professional burns services and can be:

  • Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Burns Camps, Workshops & Retreats
  • Family Therapy
  • Jamboree

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