“Cheley Camp and its surroundings were breathtaking. Both UK teenagers had a truly special experience. It was wonderful to watch them form great friendships. The close bonds they made clearly gave them confidence to be themselves & to be happy with who they are.”

“We went shopping on the way home from the beach where Bianca put into practice what she had been taught in the retreat …. She continued to amaze us when she bought a beautiful strapless dress. WOW! We were amazed at how she was able to deal with this.”

“I feel it is a privilege to have this time to help our families through the burn, to build their confidence for the future.”
Staff member working on one of our family weekends.

Burns Clubs and Camps

Burns camp children

Burns Camps, Workshops & Retreats

The isolation felt by children and young people as they try to re-enter society with the disfigurement of a burn is significant. By being with other children in the same circumstances and with the support of NHS professionals they are more able to deal with their injuries and scars.

Burns Camps have been shown to be a great way to help rebuild a child’s self-image and self-confidence following a burn injury.  Many burns units have very successful camps and we provide the opportunity to include more children. We also provide funding to enable young people to attend other support programmes such as retreats and the World Jamboree.

Support & Funding for Burns Clubs & Camps

We work with burns clubs to help them provide essential support for children and their families in the years following injury.  The help we give reflects the needs of the individual club, in some cases funding to enable children to attend camps and other activities is needed whilst other groups require more help.  Examples of the different ways we have helped include:

  • Facilitated and funded the set up of a Burns Club “The Grafters” in Newcastle, using our extensive experience of working with other burns clubs and families with burn-injured children;
  • Gave a grant to the Manchester Children’s Burns Camp Young Leader Expedition.  Their Young Leader Programme trains young people who have participated in burns camps as campers and who are now too old, but want to give something back and become future burns camps leaders;
  • Enabled teenagers to participate in an exchange programme with Denver Children’s Hospital in Colorado USA;
  • Provided additional funding for two teenagers to make a trip from Pinderfields Hospital to a retreat in California extra special. The grant enabled the girls to visit Disneyland, tour Los Angeles and visit San Clemente Beach – a great start and finish to their stay at Angel Faces;
  • Sponsored four teenagers to attend the World Burns Jamboree in South Africa;
  • Purchased clothing and shoes to enable a child to attend burns camp (small – but vitally important to that child as his family circumstances meant that the extra clothing, trainers etc. could not be afforded);
  • Purchase of laptops for several burns clubs.

Sponsorship for Children

As well as sponsoring children to attend National Burns Camps, etc., we also help towards enabling children to attend an annual four day Jamboree open to children from all burns units in the UK.

Other Activities

In addition to burns camps we fund a range of activities including Christmas parties, day trips to theme parks, arts and crafts sessions and theatre trips.