Rehabilitation equipment

The provision of equipment to the Burn Care Services is important because it covers two main areas:

  • Ward-based technical equipment which is solely and exclusively for use within the Burn Care Services because of the need to maintain infection control,g. Laser Doppler, Venflon Insertion, Blood Pressure machines;
  • Occupational and Physiotherapy items to do with day-to-day care. For example, the equipment to distract a child whilst they undergo often excruciatingly painful procedures during routine treatment and physiotherapy;

The second area is directly related to rehabilitation and we aim to assist burns services in the provision of this equipment. Some examples of the rehabilitation equipment provided has been:

  • Funding equipment for a new therapy room in the burns unit at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Bubble machine
  • Diversional technological equipment for distraction (Nintendo Wii and TV monitor (flatscreen) + games/sports)
  • Burns puppets for outreach trips to schools
  • Finger puppets
  • Music/CDs
  • DVDs (especially exercise/dance)
  • Children’s stories/spoken stories
  • Soothing/relaxation music/nature sounds
  • Giant floor games
  • Gymnastic Ribbons
  • Projector with visual slides
  • Trampoline
  • Coloured zips & thread/cotton, decorations, fabric pens for pressure garments