“It gave me special time to come more to terms with what has happened in a very supported and caring environment.”

Parent of a burn-injured child whose family took part in a Family Weekend

“I have made new friends and see that just because they are scarred, they are still normal”
Sister of a burns survivor who attended a Family Weekend

“The time scale for post burn injury rehabilitation is long and not infrequently requires a relationship between the care team and burn survivor of many years.”
Ken Dunn BSc FRCS plast

Family therapy

Family Therapy Weekends

After a burn or scald injury the problems and concerns for parents and siblings are considerable. They must try to understand both what has happened and the impact on their lives and family relationships.  This interactive Family Therapy arrangement brings together NHS professionals and a number of family groups in order to share common questions and to understand the psycho-social issues for not only the child with burns but for parents, siblings and other family members.

Since 2005 we have provided a residential programme that involves the whole family of a burn injured child. This programme invites the whole family to a weekend where they meet other families in the same situation.

Many parents experience a terrible sense of guilt surrounding the circumstances of their child’s accident. This family programme enables them to discuss issues surrounding the child’s burn openly with people who understand the emotions that they are experiencing.

The effects of a burn injury on siblings is all too easily forgotten. Including them in the weekend experience can help them come to terms with the changes in family life following an injury.

The following film is an overview of one of the locations where we hold our Family Weekends. It talks through the many benefits of the Family Weekends for burn injured children and their families.