“It’s been the best holiday of my life; I would like to come again but for longer”
13 year old boy attendee at a Jamboree

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the CBT team as it would be very difficult to attend Jamboree without your help and support.” From the Grafters Club, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne


Jamboree event

This is an annual event held in conjunction with the Burns Clubs and Camps Special Interest Group.  It gives the children from all over the UK a chance to build supportive relationships with each other and gain confidence and self–esteem. Many friendships made here are kept and are a great source of support when children encounter difficulties at school.

Held at Grafham Water Centre in Cambridgeshire up to 40 children, burns care specialists and volunteers from Scotland, Wales and England enjoy four fun packed days in the autumn half-term each year. In addition to all the activities provided by the Centre the children also have a disco and a trip to the local swimming centre. Each year we help to fund a Jamboree which costs over £11,000.

 “CBT fulfils a unique but critical role in supporting children across the UK affected by traumatic and life changing burn injuries and their families.  Their commitment to this cause and their ability to deliver vitally needed projects is impressive” 
Dr Sarah Gaskell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester

“I was amazed at how quickly the children got to know one another and began sharing their experiences. Having the children brought together to forget their everyday pressures of growing up in their home or school environment, to have a fun filled weekend is a joy to be part of. Both the children and volunteers thought it was great to be able to attend, and that was only possible through the support funding you provide, so a massive thanks!”
Mark Stevenson, Chairperson, the Scottish Burned Children’s Club

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