Hospitals and equipment

Hospital support equipment

We work closely with those hospitals in the UK that operate specialist services for children with burns and scalds. As part of our work we are committed to providing facilities and equipment which are not readily available through the NHS and yet which are vital to the success of the long term recovery of a child with burns; in achieving a low or pain free treatment during such recovery. To access our grant application forms please click here.

The provision of equipment to the Burn Care Services is important because it covers two main areas:

  • Ward-based technical equipment which is solely and exclusively for use within the Burn Care Services because of the need to maintain infection control,g. Laser Doppler, Venflon Insertion, Blood Pressure machines;
  • Occupational and Physiotherapy items to do with day-to-day care. For example, the equipment to distract a child whilst they undergo often excruciatingly painful procedures during routine treatment and physiotherapy;

We aim to assist burns services in the provision of this type of equipment, some examples of the sort of equipment provided are:

  • Baby buggy for mobilising burned children
  • Additional equipment required for Biometrics E-Link System
  • Wheelchairs with extensions for burnt leg elevation
  • Blood pressure Dynamap machines
  • Laser Doppler
  • Hand held Doppler for difficult Venflon insertion in children
  • Storage cabinets