Child Safety Week

6th – 12th June 2022

Child Safety Week is an annual campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. In 2022 we are once again working alongside CAPT to raise awareness of the number of children that are seriously burned and scalded each year. Many of these accidents are entirely preventable.

We are running an Instagram Live on Thursday 9th June at 1pm –  follow @ChildrensBurnsTrust and @CAPT_Charity on Instagram for updates and to watch on the day.

Child Safety Week 2022

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Social Media Post Ideas

You can use the below suggested posts on your own social channels along with the logos and social media image posts above.

  • Looking after children often requires caffeine! Just remember to put your cuppa down in a safe spot out of reach of little hands that can grab as soon as your back is turned. You’ll be winning against hot drink burns. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, repeat … sound like parenting life to you? When you’re exhausted it’s easy to get distracted, so use the back rings of the cooker and turn pan handles in. It keeps danger out of reach of little hands that grab. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense
  • An easy win to avoid horrendous bath water scalds … get in the habit of putting the cold in first and top up with hot. You’ll be saving your child from the risk of falling or climbing into a boiling bath. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense
  • Family life is more complex than ever. Help keep children safe. #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • Hair straighteners can get as hot as your iron and can still burn 15 mins after they are switched off #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • Your hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it has been made #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • With so many appliances and devices on charge, make sure not to overload electricity sockets #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense
  • What’s the quickest route out of your house in a fire? Make sure you and your family all know it #childsafetyweek #safetymakessense

Awareness of hot drinks around children

A hot drink, even one that’s been made for 15 minutes, can seriously scald a baby.

“Scalds from cups of tea and coffee are one of the commonest preventable injuries in crawling babies and toddlers that we see in the Paediatric Emergency Department. Most parents take safety in the home very seriously, for example fitting safety gates. But they do not always realise the danger caused by hot drinks left on dining tables, coffee tables or kitchen worktops. Children can often reach further than their parents expect, so make sure ‘out of reach’ really is a safe place.” Dr Rachel Jenner, Consultant Paediatrician Emergency Medicine, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Hot drinks and young children don’t mix:

  • Hot drinks are the number one cause of serious scald injuries among babies and young children
  • Parents don’t realise how bad the injuries will be until after the event
  • Young children are unpredictable, love exploring and reaching out
  • They can’t be relied on to do what they’re told and they’re too young to understand consequences

If you run a nursery, children’s centre or mother and toddler group, you can order a copy of our Under 5’s Resource Pack, including a copy of Lizzie’s Accident, 25 Hot Water Burns Like Fire leaflets and plenty of additional safety literature for only £4.50 including postage and packing by clicking here.

Everyone in the Burns Unit was there because of an accident. None of them were born that way and they hadn’t developed a disease to make them disfigured. In a split second their whole life changed” Mum of a little girl injured in a hot drinks accident.

For more accident prevention advice from the Child Accident Prevention Trust go to