Early Years Education Programme

Steaming cup

A hot drink can still scald a small child up to 15 minutes after being poured and over 50% of children admitted to hospital have been burnt by hot drinks.

These shocking statistics show the importance of increasing awareness of the dangers of scalding to young children.  Our Under 5’s Resource Pack has proved extremely successful and has helped many nurseries and children’s centres to highlight these dangers to parents and carers and to introduce a Hot Drinks Policy.

The Under 5’s Resource Pack is in two parts: the first is for early years professionals which is used to highlight the dangers of scalding and provide first aid advice; and the second contains a Lizzie’s Accident book, Family Oops book, leaflets, posters and other useful information for display.  We have worked with charities and child safety organisations to source useful material contained in the pack (including CAPT & Whoops! Child Safety Project.)  Over 250 early years professionals have requested it, and provided positive feedback on the contents. The cost of the pack is £4.50, to order please contact us. Please note: the photographs inside the first section may cause distress, if you are in any doubt don’t show them but talk about the safety messages and first aid instead.

Also take a look at this case study of a successful parent-led CAPT Hot Drinks Case Study.