10% of burns happen to children between the ages of 5 and 14. Teenagers are often injured from illicit activities involving accelerants, such as petrol, or electrocution.

Key stage 1 age 5-7

These games and activities are designed to help children learn about fire safety, burn prevention and to reinforce the Firework Code. You can find out more about firework safety here.

Welephant Card Game

This game is a Flash game and so will not work IOS devices (iPhone & iPad). You may also need to have the Flash player installed.

Elephants are known for their fabulous memory. Is your memory as good as Welephant’s? Find out by playing our card matching game and see how well you do. Good luck!

The Family Oops and Burns First Aid Ebook

Read the story of The Family Oops who learn all about the main causes of burns and scalds and what the right burns first aid is. By Kristina Stiles, Illustrated by Jill Latter.

Bernie the Bear

Bernie the Bear watched as Mrs Sheep took out a lighter to light the candles….Bernie remembered the lighter at Suzie Sheep’s party. Find out what happened next…

Phil the Fire Engine

Phil the Fire Engine wants you to remember these simple rules to help you enjoy Fireworks safely.

Activity Sheets

These activity sheets are designed for children to understand more about burn prevention: