Key stage 3 age 11-14

You can read more about Kyle’s story, Connor’s story and watch the Beauty Burns awareness film below:

The dangers of playing with aerosol cans - Kyle's story

When they are exposed to fire, aerosol cans are extremely flammable, either exploding violently or produce burning flames. The injuries caused by such burns can be severe and long-lasting, and it is vital that children and teenagers understand the dangers. In this powerful video published by Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service, 14-year old Kyle bravely tells his story of how messing around with a deodorant can led to years of treatment and how the incident has impacted his life.

Andrea Cronshaw, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Nottingham University Hospital who treated Kyle, said:

A burn injury can be life changing for a young patient and their family.

When a child or young person comes into hospital with a burn injury they may have to attend for a long time and often require frequent dressing changes in order to help the skin heal, this can be quite daunting.

Having a burn injury can affect a child or young person in their daily activities and patients often experience ongoing problems due to the effects of scarring.

A scar will change the appearance of a person’s skin forever and dependant on the size and severity can affect the way the body and limbs work. Burn injuries can affect some children and young people in different ways, they may start to feel isolated or depressed due to changes in their appearance from a burn injury and this powerful video explains the effects following a burn injury.”

Beauty Burns

As much as 30 minutes after being unplugged, hair straighteners can still severely burn and permanently scar a child’s delicate skin.  After use, switch off and unplug hair straighteners, then put them away to cool down out of reach and sight of children. Take a look at this powerful film by Electrical Safety First.


Connor's Story: Have you ever been tempted to play with fire?

Connor Rowntree was in hospital for 11 months and 2 weeks.

“Even now that he is at home, Connor can find it hard to go out because of the way he looks. Let’s hope his story gets at least one kid to think twice before messing about.” says Carol, his Mum. Find out more about his journey.