“This pack will be a valuable tool when I deliver First Aid Sessions related to burns.” Family Community Teacher

“Everyone in the Burns Unit was there because of an accident. None of them were born that way and they hadn’t developed a disease to make them disfigured. In a split second their whole life changed” Mum of a little girl injured in a hot drinks accident.

Parents, Carers and Professionals

Over 5,000 children under the age of 5 are so badly burnt each year that they have to be admitted to a specialist burns service – more than 14 toddlers every single day.

The above image shows the number of UK children admitted to a Specialist Burns Service in 2017.

Nearly half of these accidents (3,218) were caused by spills from tea and coffee cups.

See our full infographic containing 2017 data and trends here.

Do you run a Children's Centre or a Mother & Toddler Group?

Parenting is stressful, and frequent cups of tea and coffee are a lifeline. A recent study undertaken at three burns units and 5 A&E departments highlights the fact that infants are exploring their environment without the awareness of dangers. It takes just 30 seconds to ensure that mugs of tea, coffee and hot chocolate are put well out of reach, and after a while it becomes second nature.

Want to help but not sure where to start? Take these four simple steps:

1) If you haven’t already done so, look at implementing a Hot Drinks Policy in your setting when young children are present. If you’re worried about people not coming to the sessions as a result of this, explain to them why. Take a look at this case study of a successful parent-led hot drinks pledge.

2) Run a session for parents and carers, with our Under 5’s Resource Pack – it’s an inexpensive, easy to use resource that many children’s centres and mother & toddler groups have found useful.

3) Check out the Child Accident Prevention Trust website for information, resources and advice.

4) For more information on the financial cost of treating a child’s scald injury, read How much does a hot drink scald cost?

Educational tools

An interactive online version of our popular book, ‘Lizzie’s Accident’ can be accessed here or purchased for £3 per copy.  Many local community groups, Fire & Rescue Services, schools and nurseries have purchased copies to include in their fire safety and burn prevention programmes. We can also supply as many of our Hot Water Burns Like Fire leaflets as you would like (A5 and A4) – postage only is charged for these. Contact us to order your copies

Prevention packs

Under 5’s Resource Pack

This has proved extremely successful and has helped many nurseries and children’s centres to highlight the dangers of scalding to parents and carers and to introduce a Hot Drinks Policy. Contact us to order your copies

School Prevention Pack

Our School Prevention Pack is aimed at providing teachers with background information into the importance of fire safety and burn prevention.  It includes statistics showing the causes, age and location of paediatric burn injuries as well as first aid advice. Contact us to order your copies


Safety for Children in the Kitchen

Here is a resource from FireAngel, who regularly
produce fire safety information products. This one covers ‘Safety for Children in the Kitchen’